We are open to exploring many ways of working in order to meet the different needs and interests of people with complex learning disabilities.

We adapt what we do, learning  from the people we work with, their families and support staff providing an ever changing programme of events, workshops, activities, training and learning opportunities.

Alternative Training Programme

In partnership with Artlink, we have developed alternative training programmes  for staff and service users informed by the diverse interests and ways of being of people with complex learning disabilities. These training classes aim to encourage care staff to be creative, to take chances and try out ways of working that they have perhaps never … Continue reading Alternative Training Programme

Older Adults: The Golden Group

The Golden Group provides a service based in Cherry Road Learning Centre for older adults with a learning disability, some of whom also have a diagnosis of dementia We provide a personalised outcomes-focussed service with activities that are meaningful to each individual and based on each person’s interests and preferences. We do this in our … Continue reading Older Adults: The Golden Group

Our Learning Programme

Our programme offers a wide range of learning and developmental opportunites, from which you can pick and choose activities. We provide regular:- Movement based activities such as dance, swimming, ball sports and Zumba which has been specially designed by Lisa Wylie to accommodate different ways of moving. Performances and Events such as Thursday Live – a … Continue reading Our Learning Programme

Unique Approaches

In partnership with Artlink we provide a weekly programmmes of sensory workshops.  Each of these workshops has been designed by artists and establishes environments for individuals. Artists work one to one or in small groups, over long periods of time to establish relationships.  We do this in response to people who may require more intensive … Continue reading Unique Approaches