Alternative Training Programme

In partnership with Artlink, we have developed alternative training programmes  for staff and service users informed by the diverse interests and ways of being of people with complex learning disabilities.

These training classes aim to encourage care staff to be creative, to take chances and try out ways of working that they have perhaps never thought of before.  This adds new skills to care staff and provides new and exciting experiences for  the people they support.

Everyone in the centre should do the slowing down workshop. This was really interesting and is really important. It train’s your mind to think about what your doing – it would be good for all new members of staff.

Creative Creative Learning Programme Page 2 Nov 16

Training events have varied from a talk on seeing by Dr Gordon Dutton a well known ophthalmologist on ways of seeing;  a talk by Phoebe Caldwell  on Intensive Interaction and a workshop called Feral Choir which explores sound sensitivities and the voice.

Training  is informed by the service user and their particular interests.  Some of the classes we provide are a bit out of the ordinary

We run regular programmes of training and they are open to families and care staff from care organisations in midlothian.