Older Adults: The Golden Group

The Golden Group provides a service based in Cherry Road Learning Centre for older adults with a learning disability, some of whom also have a diagnosis of dementia

  • We provide a personalised outcomes-focussed service with activities that are meaningful to each individual and based on each person’s interests and preferences.
  • We do this in our own space within the centre with a dedicated team of staff.
  • The stability, familiarity, continuity and sense of security that we cultivate is crucial for the wellbeing of our members, particularly those with dementia.
  • Our staffing ratio is higher than in the main centre with more 1:1 opportunities as well as small group work
  • The Team support people to maintain existing skills and friendships
  • …..and also to have individual or shared meaningful experiences ……………and of course FUN!!!



  • We incorporate music, song and dance into many sessions throughout the week – we are all known to spontaneously burst into song – staff and service users alike ……and when this happens others join in!
  • We integrate physical activity in a fun way through dance, team sports, acting out songs & rhymes as well as active participation and contributing to the Golden Group.
  • We take elements from cognitive stimulation therapy and incorporate these into our sessions.
  • We incorporate an element of performance into our sessions, that each members can connect with.
  • Different themes are used in arts and crafts to connect people to what is going on in the wider world using a variety of mediums.


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We also base ourselves in 2 other community venues throughout the week-

Loanhead Library – Sharing Stories, Rhyme and Song – Tuesday mornings 11am – 12noon (open to older people in the local community)

Cowan Court, Penicuik – Music, Dance and Sing-a-long with Alan and tenants from Cowan Court – Wednesday mornings 11am – 12 noon (open to older people in the local community for a nominal fee of £1)



The age range of our members spans 40 years!

  • The youngest gentleman is 52 and youngest lady is 53.
  • The majority are in their 60s
  • ……and we have one lady who is 91!


As service users age ……so do their family carers.

The Golden Group have built great supportive, collaborative relationships with our carers.  We understand that we need to be there to listen and respond to any concerns or queries …………..sometimes just listening is enough.  We strive to enable our carers to know that they can share or ‘offload’ with us.

We want people to know that we are there, with them, and together we can find and share solutions and make new discoveries.