Unique Approaches

In partnership with Artlink we provide a weekly programmmes of sensory workshops.  Each of these workshops has been designed by artists and establishes environments for individuals.

Artists work one to one or in small groups, over long periods of time to establish relationships.  We do this in response to people who may require more intensive interaction.  This is completely necessary when working with people with complex disabilities, as it takes time to get to know the person and what makes them tick.  This is all about mutual learning, an unconventional exchange through means other than spoken word, where the slightest gesture can become of great significance.  It is often about working instinctively and these workshops allow the time and space for this to develop.  Time which isn’t always possible in other areas of life for the people we work with.

Care Staff are encouraged to try new ways of working too and share ideas, so that once a workshop is finished those ideas and experiments can grow outwith the workshop environment.  This includes one to one programmes of work with staff to build greater understanding of what motivates the individual informing responsive strategies such as intensive interaction

As a result of this partnership approach we are discovering ways of working that we had never thought possible!

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