At Cherry Road we invite new ways of learning and thinking, placing people with complex disabilities at the centre of all we do. This way of working has opened up new possibilities for Cherry Road, attracting additional funding for workshops, training and research.

This creates new opportunities and partnerships, ensuring that the people who use our centre have quality experiences.

Ideas Team

Artists within the Ideas Team, have been working for over 10 years with individuals with complex disabilities, building trust and gaining a glimpse of the rich sensory worlds they inhabit. These worlds revolve around the tiniest detail, in which time slows down and the simplest movement/sound/interaction becomes intensively captivating. The Ideas Team is an independent … Continue reading Ideas Team

Creative Partnerships

Cherry Road Learning Centre works in partnership with individuals, families and organisations to ensure that what it provides is of the highest quality. Spreading learning from our work with people complex disabilities changes the way that we support the individual. We understand just how important it is to value the person with complex disabilities and … Continue reading Creative Partnerships

Academic Research

Artlink, Cherry Road Learning Centre, Dundee University & PAMIS – a year long independant study of  work between artists, individuals with complex disabilities, careworkers and families. The aim of the research is to increase our understanding of how to plan an improved person-centred service; how we can use and share resources more effectively; what particular … Continue reading Academic Research