Creative Partnerships

Cherry Road Learning Centre works in partnership with individuals, families and organisations to ensure that what it provides is of the highest quality.

Spreading learning from our work with people complex disabilities changes the way that we support the individual. We understand just how important it is to value the person with complex disabilities and add to ways of working, providing everyone within Cherry Road Learning Centre with an alternate focus within their day to day work. We belief that this should involve the best artists and thinkers.

Working in partnership with Artlink provides a creative focus, allowing us to work creatively with the different sensibilities of people with complex disabilities.

In this we have had the honour to work with some of the best artists and thinkers from all over the world.



Talks and workshops with Dr Gordon Dutton, a leading consultant ophthalmologist about learning styles and environmental perception for people with learning disability.




Intensive Interaction workshops and training with Phoebe Caldwell




Music Workshops with Red Note Ensemble Scotland’s contemporary music ensemble. After putting on a series of workshops as art of The Ideas Team,  Red Note now rehearse in Cherry Road Learning Centre, adapting their own compositions from the responses to audiences with learning disability.


Cherry Road Learning Centre users work with Scottish and internationally renowned artists, such as:

Laura Aldridge, Jim Colqhoun, Dr Kelly Dobson, Steve Hollingsworth, Lauren Gault, Wendy Jacob, Kevin McPhee, Francesca Nobilucci, Ciara Phillips, Laura Spring

We are currently working with these artists from Scotland and America on a groundbreaking exhibition The Ideas Team which will create a new vision of ways of thinking about and collaborating with people with complex disabilities.

Artlink publications relating to this work include Uncommon GroundUtopia, ButSomething In The PauseThe Ideas Team.

Recently, we have worked with the Fixperts – A project within the Product design department of Edinburgh College of Art.  This project focused on making an interactive sound interface to allow older people with learning disabilities to select a familiar song by tapping a card on a box containing a card reader.

This prototype would allow users greater independence over group activity based on something of meaning to each participant.