Ideas Team

Artists within the Ideas Team, have been working for over 10 years with individuals with complex disabilities, building trust and gaining a glimpse of the rich sensory worlds they inhabit. These worlds revolve around the tiniest detail, in which time slows down and the simplest movement/sound/interaction becomes intensively captivating.


The Ideas Team is an independent space which seeks to empower people to take part, listen and learn. At the centre of this is the person with complex disabilities working in partnership with the artist, inspiring and encouraging new ways of thinking.

Through our work, we : –

• Learn from the intrinsic detail (touch, sound, slowed time) which fascinates the person with complex disabilities
• Create critical spaces for wider discourse, where the actions of the person with complex disabilities and ideas they inspire become alternate voices encouraging more enlightened conversations
• Inform unique and radical art practices in partnership with people with complex disabilities

This film is an example of years of getting to know someone, and what impacted positively on her mood. We created an environment for her, based on our understanding of her personality, and preference for rich, yet relaxing audiovisuals.

Change which results from artists collaborations with people with complex disabilities is not limited to one specific sector, it impacts other artists practice, arts organisations, carers, families, health and care organisations. It ripples out to others and encourages how we think about, learn from and instigate change.