Our Vision

Cherry Road Learning Centre


We will work with you to build your confidence and discover your strengths by providing:

  • A setting which encourages and supports your learning and the learning of the staff supporting you.
  • A service which will be personalised and meaningful to you and compatible to your interests, preferences and aspirations.
  • safe and positive environment which values you, recognises what motivates you as well as supports you to achieve your outcomes.
  • The support necessary to make positive choices and takes positive action to ensure you have the best opportunities available to you.
  • Access to innovative, creative and sensory opportunities that will enhance your life experience, support creative expression, learn and develop new skills.

Working with you we will achieve this through:

  • Offering you a variety  of fun, interesting and developmental opportunities.
  • Working together to build a strong and supportive community.
  • Working collaboratively with other service providers to provide you with support staff who have a wide range of skills and knowledge.
  • Ensuring that you can easily access your local community and local resources, maintain contact with existing friendships and offering opportunities to build new friendships.
  • Providing you with the emotional and physical support necessary to build your confidence and discover your strengths. 
  • Regularly reviewing and adapting your support in response to changes in your life and health. 
  • Ensuring that the support and service we offer demonstrates that we have worked together to identify outcomes and support you to achieve these.