Creative Partnerships

We have developed partnerships which enhance the opportunity for our users to explore their potential.

Our ambition to create a learning space where the exchange of information between staff and users to think differently is enhanced by working with other organisations. Working in partnership with Artlink Edinburgh and Lothians provides a creative focus, allowing us to work creatively with the different sensibilities of people with complex disabilities.

Through this, we have had the honour to work with some of the best artists and thinkers from all over the world.

In October 2019, staff and users from Cherry Road collaborated with Artlink in a season of immersive events  ‘Altered States; Human Threads’ aimed at breaking down barriers of difference through shared experience at Tramway, Glasgow.

Events were open to a diverse range of audiences, to come together within a safe space to investigate who we are through a completely different lens, ultimately discovering what we have in common. These events focused on how the shared experience of art can honour the human threads that connect people with profound learning disabilities to the wider world and the wider world to them.

Here’s a video from one of the events, where artist Wendy Jacob who collaborated with us at Cherry Road, staged a public event using weather balloons as a means to experience sound with Brasss Aye Community Brass band.


Some of our other collaborations
Talks and workshops with Dr Gordon Dutton, a leading consultant ophthalmologist about learning styles and environmental perception for people with learning disability.
Intensive Interaction workshops with Phoebe Caldwell
Music Workshops with Red Note Ensemble Scotland’s contemporary music ensemble. Red Note have rehearsed in Cherry Road Learning Centre, adapting their own compositions from the responses to audiences with learning disability.

Artlink, Cherry Road Learning Centre, Dundee University & PAMIS – a year long independant study of work between artists, individuals with complex disabilities, careworkers and families. This programme is funded by Health Improvement Scotland and is the first if its kind.