Our Programme

Everyone using Cherry Road has their own programme of activity based on who they are, and what motivates them personally. 

Skills Development – we believe strongly that moving into adulthood should not mean stopping learning experiencing something new. A core element of all our activity is how someone experiences what we offer – where a baking group offers opportunity for the sensation of feeling ingredients, or the relationship with staff or other users is an opportunity for humour, enhanced communication and choice making.

Environments: The people who use Cherry Road inspire a changing palette of activity and take place within environments conducive to the individual i.e in quiet spaces or at key times of the day. We’ve developed spaces which can be tailored to a person’s audio or visual preferences, such as a jacuzzi space where people can experience their own soundscape and projections. 

Movement based activities such as dance, swimming, ball sports and Zumba to accommodate different ways of moving. We offer community based sports such as all ability cycling, skiing swimming and ball sports. We understand that for some people the sensations of feeling movement is as important as the health benefits of being physically active.

We have organised tandem cycling with All Ability Cycling Edinburgh for people who enjoy experiencing the freedom of movement.

Performances and Events such as Thursday Live – a weekly event where musicians, singers, bands and comedians perform to enthralled audiences; classical performances with a difference from Red Note Ensemble; singing workshops and music making, sessional musicians and sensory percussion where everything and anything becomes a musical instrument.

Sensory Based Activity:  Our unique collaboration with Artlink offers users workshops, environments and objects which appeal to the senses. We have tailored rooms to bathe people in sound, or project walls of colour and pattern for people who are visually motivated. Staff collaborate with artists to use audio, performance and sensory storytelling, where a story is told through sensations and sounds and using imagination.

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Advocacy – we have a newsletter group as well as advocacy groups creating opportunities for service users to make comment and change within the overall programme.