Our Vision

‘We want to know who someone is’

Liz Davidson, Manager

Cherry Road Learning Centre values the experiences of people with profound learning disability to help us understand what’s important as a centre for progressive and individualised learning and support. We value the discovery of personality, to reveal who and what matters to the individual.  We want to make new experiences possible.

Artlink visiting artist Wendy Jacob, from Boston exploring vibrations of sounds through a weather balloon. Research for a project on Cherry Road to personalise spaces within the centre.

We try to imagine the perspectives of the people who use the centre to create opportunities which reflect individual skills or interests.  Cherry Road is a learning centre – a constant exchange of knowledge between the individual, staff and family where everyone’s contribution adds to our understanding of different ways of seeing the world.

We create spaces in Cherry Road which can be tailored to people’s individual audio visual preferences.

Our collaboration with Artlink Edinburgh and Lothians is central to developing activities and environments which respond imaginatively to the interests of those who use Cherry Road. This unique partnership involving Scottish and international artists and specialists allows us to creatively explore potential of people with profound and multiple learning disabilities in the design of their own environments, objects and activities.